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Calories in Apple Fritters

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How many calories in an apple fritter?

So how many calories does an apple fritter have in it? Using some of the most popular examples we are going to highlight that right away.

Average brand apple fritters

  • In an apple fritter/donut there are 300 calories.

Dunkin Donuts apple fritter

  • One apple fritter contains 410 calories.

Starbucks apple fritter

  • One apple fritter weighing 4.4 oz = 420
  • 100 g = 339
  • 1 oz = 96

Krispy Kreme apple fritters

  • A 3.1 oz apple fritter = 210
  • 100 g = 241
  • 1 oz = 68

Hopefully this section has been able to give you a clearer idea as to the calories an apple fritter contains. To find out calorific and nutritional information on related foods, check out the links below.

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