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Discover how many calories are in weetabix

This page is going to highlight how many calories are in weetabix for you, as well as provide an explanation as to whether this popular breakfast cereal is good for you or not.

Weetabix calories

So how many calories do weetabix have in them? This is where you will find out.

  • A single weetabix weighing 18 g contains 67 cal.
  • 1 oz contains 104 cal.
  • 100 g contains 373 cal.

We hope that this section has been able to successfully highlight the calories weetabix contains for you. To learn how good for you they are, please continue reading.

Are weetabix good for you?

Now we are going to explain what the nutritional benefits of weetabix are. Well as you can see there are not an awful lot of calories in weetabix, and they also contain a healthy dose of protein, several B vitamins, dietary fiber, and the mineral iron. They also contain small amounts of several other vitamins and minerals, as well as being very low in sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Overall this means that weetabix are without a doubt a healthy food that your diet could really benefit from. Have them every morning for breakfast or during the day in place of other snacks. There is no reason why you can't eat them as much as you like.

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