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Foods high in vitamin B6

If you would like to find out what the best food sources of vitamin B6 are, then you have certainly come to the right page. Here we are not only going to explain to you what high vitamin B6 foods are, but we will also explain just how much B6 you need to be consuming per day. In our examples of the foods the contain this important vitamin, we are going to point out exactly what their B6 content is, and how this contributes to your recommended daily intake.


What is vitamin B6 and why do we need it?

Vitamin B6 is a water soluble vitamin, and this means that it is one that dissolves in water, and therefore the body is unable to store it. So unlike other nutrients your body cannot just draw from levels that it has built up when it needs it. This is why it is very important for you to eat foods with vitamin B6 in them every single today, so that your body is provided with a constant supply.

You need vitamin B6 because it:

  • Helps to maintain nerve function
  • Assists in the production of antibodies required to fight illness and disease
  • Helps in the production of hemoglobin, necessary for carrying oxygen around the body
  • Regulates your blood sugar
  • Breaks down proteins

As you can see these are some pretty vital functions that it has a hand in, which is why eating plenty of foods rich in vitamin B6 is of vital importance to your overall health.

List of vitamin B6 foods

First of all let's look at what foods have vitamin B6 in them. Here we have highlighted 10 of the best sources of vitamin B6 that you are going to come across. They can be easily implemented into any diet, and they are also available almost anywhere in the world. If you don't see anything that you like, don't worry as there are plenty more foods that contain vitamin B6 further down the page.

  1. bowl of cheerios

    Multi Grain Cheerios

    These little o's are absolutely crammed with B vitamins, and that makes them one of the best sources of vitamin B6 that you are going to come across. You can get pretty much your entire recommended daily intake from one simple serving. Multi grain cheerios are also immense sources of vitamin B1 and iron, amongst other nutrients.

    1 oz of multi grain cheerios contains 1.9 milligrams of vitamin B6, this is 97% of your recommended daily intake (RDI).
  2. pistachio nuts

    Pistachio nuts

    Nuts are another good source of vitamin B6, and they don't come any better than the pistachio nut. In a basic serving of these you can get a huge dose of this important vitamin. Not only that but you can also get a decent amount of dietary fiber and potassium.

    100 g of pistachio nuts have 1.7 mg inside them, this works out as 85% of the total needed in a single day.
  3. Sesame seeds

    Sesame seeds

    Seeds are another food high in vitamin B6, and sesame seeds provide the best example. Not only do you get a great dose of this necessary B vitamin, but you can also get loads of the minerals calcium and phosphorus.

    A 144g cup of sesame seeds has 1.1 mg, which is 57% of the total needed per day.
  4. Brazil nuts

    Going back to nuts, as these truly are fine examples of high vitamin B6 foods. The Brazil nut can make a very positive contribution to your vitamin B6 levels, not only that but it can also help to get the selenium and vitamin B1 that your diet needs too.

    120 g of dried Brazil nuts have 0.7 mg in them, amounting to 34% of your RDI.
  5. Halibut

    Fish is another vitamin B6 food that is well worth taking note of, and halibut shows just why. Not only can you get this essential B vitamin from this popular sea food, but you can also do the balance of protein and vitamin B12.

    A 159 g halibut fillet has 0.6 mg of vit B6, working out as 32% of the total you need through your diet in a day.
  6. Sunflower seeds

    Another seed that has a strong case for being a food high in vitamin B6

    A 46 g cup of dried sunflower seed kernels has 0.6 mg, this is 31% of your recommended daily intake.
  7. Chicken

    Meat can also act as a positive dietary source of vitamin B6. Chicken is a prime example of that.

    100 g of roast chicken breast 0.6 / 30%.
  8. Hazelnuts

    Yet another nuts that deserves a mention as a food containing vitamin B6. The hazelnut is also loaded with manganese and copper.

    100 g of raw hazelnuts contain 0.6 mg, 28% of your RDI.
  9. Turkey

    Another example of why white meat deserves to be in the company of vitamin B6 foods. Turkey is also full of protein and vitamin B3.

    100 g of roast turkey breast contains 0.6 mg / 28%.
  10. Walnuts

    Just can't keep away from the nut factor can we? Walnuts are a great showcase for foods with vitamin B6 in them, as well as vitamin B9 and magnesium.

    100g of English walnuts provides you with 0.5 mg / 27%.

These are not necessarily the ten foods highest in vitamin B6, however they are all prime examples of how you can get this vital B vitamin into your dietary habits.

More foods with vitamin B6 in

If you were not able to find a food containing vitamin B6 that you liked in the above list, why not check out the following examples, as there is bound to be something there that takes your fancy.

  • Haddock - A 150 g haddock fillet has 0.5 g / 26%
  • Avocado - A 201 g avocado has 0.5 mg / 26%
  • Flaxseed - 100 g of flaxseed has 0.5 mg / 26%
  • Banana - A 136 g banana has 0.5 mg / 25%
  • Cod - 180 g of Atlantic cod fillet has 0.5 mg / 25%
  • Pork - 100 g of lean roast pork has 0.5 mg / 25%
  • Red pepper - A 164g raw sweet red pepper has 0.5 mg / 24%
  • Peanuts - 100 g of salted peanuts have 0.5 mg / 23%
  • Oats - A 28g packet of instant fortified plain oats has 0.4 mg / 22%
  • Cashew nuts - 100 g of cashew nuts have 0.4 mg / 21%
  • Swordfish - 100 g of cooked swordfish has 0.4 mg / 19%
  • Prunes - A 174 g cup of pitted dried plums, prunes has 0.4 mg / 18%
  • Broccoli - A medium 180 g stalk of boiled broccoli has 0.4 mg / 18%
  • Baked beans - 253 g of baked beans have 0.3 mg / 16%
  • Corn - A 146 g ear of corn on the cob has 0.3 mg / 16%
  • Granola - 100 g of plain granola cereal has 0.3 mg / 15%
  • Brown rice - A 195 g serving of boiled long grain brown rice has 0.3 mg / 14%
  • Mango - A 207 g mango has 0.3 mg / 14%
  • Raisins - A 145 g cup of seedless raisins has 0.3 mg / 13%
  • Spinach - A 100g serving of boiled spinach has 0.2 mg / 12%
  • Green pepper - A large 164 g raw sweet green pepper has 0.4 mg / 12%
  • Pomegranate - A 282 g pomegranate has 0.2 mg / 11%
  • Sweet potato - A 151 g boiled sweet potato with skin has 0.2 mg / 10%

The RDI that we have used in the above examples applies to the average adult male. This can vary due to age, gender and due to medical conditions. To find out how much vitamin B6 you should be consuming each day, please see the next section on this page.

As you can see there are plenty of foods rich in B6, and various simple combinations will ensure that you are getting your daily quota of what is a very important vitamin, without taking into consideration the combined amount you will be taking on from the other foods and drinks that you consume through your diet.

How much vitamin B6 is needed per day?

So how much vitamin B6 do you need to consume each day? This is a pretty valid question to ask and answer on a page devoted to the best food sources of vitamin B.

In comparison to other vitamins and minerals, the amount of vitamin B6 that is needed each day is rather minimal.

  • Both males and females should be aiming to consume 10 to 25 milligrams of vitamin B6 each day

This is really not a hard amount to get, especially if you make an effort to include the foods with vitamin B6 in mentioned on this page.

More information

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