How many calories in Strawberries?

Are there any summer fruits more to true to the name than the strawberry? This vibrant red fruit is synonymous with summer and the page you are on is dedicated to explaining how many calories are in strawberries, so that you can make an educated decision as to how much of a role this delicious fruit can play in your diet.

We will also provide you with all of the information that you will ever need on strawberry nutrition facts, so that you can see exactly which nutrients your body will benefit from when you consume them.

The strawberry is a fruit that is cultivated and exported from all over the world. In 2010 there were in excess of 4 million tonnes produced in the top 12 strawberry producing countries, which include the USA and Spain. Sweet and juicy in taste, the common or garden strawberry is something that is eaten in large amounts on it's own, as well as in making up jams, jellies, juices, pies, ice creams, cereal bars and milkshakes, to name a variety of common examples.

The strawberry is unusual in that it's seeds are found externally as opposed to inside the fruit. The strawberry is synonymous with the Wimbledon tennis championships in London each year, as the spectators will often enjoy the sport while eating strawberries and cream.

Like most fruits there are a huge range of nutritional benefits that can be obtained by eating strawberries, and these are highlighted further down the page after we have provided you with the information you have no doubt been searching for on common strawberries calories.

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How many calories in strawberries?

Much like any other fruits, strawberries can come in all different sizes, so it is natural for people to think that the number of calories a strawberry contains will vary depending on the size of each fruit. In order to be as accurate as possible we have broken down the sizes of a strawberry down for you. The calorie figures below are for the raw unsweetened strawberries.

Calories in a small strawberry

A strawberry that weighs 0.2 oz and has an approximate 1 inch diameter is deemed to be a small strawberry, and there are 2 calories in these strawberries.

Medium strawberry calories

A strawberry that weighs 0.4 oz and has an approximate 1.25 inch diameter is deemed to be a small strawberry, and there are 4 calories in these strawberries.

Calories in a large strawberry

A strawberry that weighs 1 oz and has an approximate 1.625 inch diameter is deemed to be a large strawberry, and there are 9 calories in these strawberries.

How many calories in 1 cup of strawberries?

In a 5.1 oz cup of whole strawberries there are 46 calories

Calories strawberries contain by weight:

  • In 1 oz of strawberry there are 9 calories
  • In 10 g of strawberry there are 3 calories

How many calories are in strawberries that are sweetened?

  • In 1 oz of thawed sliced sweetened strawberries from frozen there are 27 calories
  • In 10 g of thawed sliced sweetened strawberries from frozen there are 10 calories

How many calories in strawberry jelly/jam?

This of course can vary due to the brand so make sure you check the calories that will be stated on the nutritional details that the product label holds.

  • In a tablespoon of strawberry jam weighing 0.7 oz there are 50 calories
  • In 1 oz of strawberry jam there are 71 calories
  • In 10 g of strawberry jam there are 25 calories

Please note that the above strawberry calories list only shows approximations for the calorific values, as we cannot be exact due to no two strawberries being exactly the same size and weight. The lists are also for raw strawberries only and calories will vary should the fruit be cooked, or sweetened for example.

When we are thinking about the total number of calories strawberries have in them, it is important to remember that these totals are not a great deal in relation to your total daily calorie requirements.

In our next section we are going to provide you with information on strawberry nutritional facts.

Strawberry nutrition facts

The following nutritional information about the strawberry is based on a 144 g / 5.01 oz cup of raw strawberries:

One other amazing thing about strawberries are that they contain omega 3 fatty acids!



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